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Help for immigration process

Advisory services for immigration process

ISI help students from admission to the start of in-class classes

Institut supérieur d’informatique (l’ISI) offer custom advisory services to all students to make sure they get the most accurate information to submit complete and strong immigration demands to MIFI and IRCC.

Québec Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAQ) and Study Permit are the key steps to immigrate to Canada for studies. ISI’s team will steer students in the right direction by showing them relevant government resources and will give the student a step-by-step documents to support students every step of the way. If, during the process of building their CAQ or study permit demand, students have questions, a member of the ISI team will gladly answer to the best of its capacities and direct the students to the appropriate resources.

Other Services ISI

Resume production and review

Simulations of interviews

Regular contacts with employers

Assistance for the application for financial assistance (Quebec Residents only)

Important information about the study permit (SP) demand

Carefully read the instruction on the Canadian government website before starting to build a SP demand. Select your country of origin to get all the information specific to your country (read here).

Criteria required by the Canadian immigration authorities in short

The student has to meet the criteria required by the Canadian immigration authorities for approval of a SP application, namely:

Demonstrate the legitimacy and coherence of the student’s study project (logical continuation of the academic and/or professional path of the student);

Demonstrate that the student currently has sufficient savings to pay living expenses ($12,000) and tuition fees for the 1st year of study, and prove that the student will have an equivalent amount for its 2nd year of study;

Demonstrate that the student obey the law and has no criminal record (a police certificate may be required as proof);

Demonstrate that the student is in good health (a medical exam might be required);

Demonstrate to an officer of the Canadian immigration authorities that the student will leave Canada when its study permit expires;

Demonstrate that the student has a valid passport for the duration of its studies.

What is a guarantor?

Guarantor: A person who will pay the student’s tuition and living expenses.

If the student is using a guarantor for its file, it must be a close family member (grandparent, mother, father, spouse, and/or sibling in some cases). The more distant the family relationship, the less likely it is to be successful. This role can be filled by a maximum of two (2) people.

Documents the school must provide the student for the SP demand

Letter of admission

Letter of acceptation

Letter of mandatory internship

The letter of acceptance (which is different from the letter of admission) and the mandatory internship letter will be sent to the student at the same time as its CAQ. The student will then have in hands all the documents needed from the designated learning institution (ISI) and to complete its study permit demand

Note: The student number is given to the student at school when we create the student card during orientation day.

If you have questions about your study permit (SP) demand, you can email the admission service for answers. We’ll try to answer at the best of our knowledge.