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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

You can apply for financial assistance

Do I qualify?

You qualify for financial aid if you are a local student: Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. Only local students can have access to the financial aid as our students can apply for the AFE offered by the government of Quebec.

How to apply for financial aid?

Programs offered at ISI are full-time, 25 hours a week. Local students can therefore apply for support from the Aide financière aux études from the Department of Education and Higher Education.

When the candidate meets with our counsellor for admission, the candidate can also meet with our Financial Aid Manager to: ask questions and find out if she/he is eligible to the loan or bursaries from the Aide financière aux études.

Once admitted to the Institute, the student can apply for financial aid with the help of our Financial Aid Manager or from home.

Please note that in order to make a demand, you must have a Permanent Code from the Department of Education and Higher Education. If you are a permanent resident and you never studied in Quebec, you do not have one. We will make the demand for you once you are admitted at ISI.

For more information, contact our advisors who will give you all the information required:

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