IT Project Management

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IT Project Management

It project management screen

About this course

Program's goal

Master the tasks related to planning, monitoring and controlling of all components of an IT project.

2 years

50 credits

6 semesters


In French or English

It project management screen


International applicants must hold a BAC +3 in informatics (or in a related field) and a significant work experience in the informatics field. They must also hold an English test (ex. IELTS, TOEFL, etc.), and meet our grade requirements.


Canadian applicants must hold a minimum of a DEC in computer science, an ACS of at least 40 units, and a significant work experience in the informatics field.

Professional perspectives

IT Project Manager

IT Coordinator

IT Manager

Technologies taught

MS Project, Jira, Agile Method, Scrum, WBS, and more.

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Courses Details

Semester 1
Introduction to project management - 60h

Initiate the various stages of IT project management, define the role of the manager and his responsibilities move from the role of executor to manager.

IT project management planning - 60h

Develop the project management plan, define the framework and context of project management, go to the collection of features and constraints, distribute the work (WBS).

Risk management - 60h

Identify the risks, analyze the qualitative and quantitative risks, make a plan of the answers to the risks.

Semester 2
Communication techniques - 60h

Indentify internal and external stakeholders, develop a communication plan with the various stakeholders, select and establish communication channels, communicate in a context of team and business meetings, write reports.

Project management software - 60h

Appropriate project management software such as MS Project, Jira, Scrum.

Human resources in an IT project management context - 60h

Identify the skills and profiles needs, choose the right human resources, manage conflicts, evaluate the individual performance of the team.

Semester 3
Tools and techniques - 60h

Familiarize yourself with various tools and methodologies, such as Agile, WBS, prototype cascade development, Test driven development.

Methodology in project management - 60h

Identify development cycles, develop methodologies for IT development and technology infrastructure deployment.

Project management control - 60h

Control the management of deadlines, costs quality and supplies.

Semester 4
Graduation project - 90h

Proceed to all stages of the project, from planning to completion.

Integration project - 90h

Perform all stages of the project, coach the team and manage internal and external communications.

Semester 5 & 6
Dynamic method of job search - 75h

Ensure integration into the labor market.

Internship I : Partial report - 270h

Integrate a workplace and actively participate in the achievements, observe the project manager.

Internship II : Final report - 270h

Continue in the same company and participate more actively in the project management process.