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International Students

International Students

You are an international student if you are not a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.

Why Choose ISI?

The placement rate for ISI graduates exceeds 90%.

ISI offers intensive training, focused on the acquisition of the skills needed for the labor market.

Each program ends with an internship that puts into practice the concepts acquired, in a professional environment.

The ISI team is available full time and committed to its students.

The Ideal Candidate

You have a keen interest in technology?

You like solving problems?

You love learning new things every day?

You like working in an ever-changing environment?

Then, you have the ideal profile to be an ISI student!






For more information, for questions about enrollment or clarifications, please contact our Admission Counsellor:

Request information about our programs.



Applicants must at least hold a bachelor degree (high school level) or equivalent and have strong grades in mathematics.

For IT Project Management Program, applicants must hold a university degree (BAC+3) in programming and/or informatics field or in a related field. Applicants must also have a significant work experience in the informatics field.



If your primary language is not English, you must demonstrate English language proficiency in one of the following ways:

  • You must provide bachelor (high school) or superior studies transcripts to demonstrate you studied in English at least three (3) whole years.


  • You must hold a valid assessment test and meet our grades requirements (see table below).
Valid assessment tests Test score
IELTS – International English Language Testing System 6 overall or more
TOEFL – test of English as a Foreign Language 75 overall or more
CAEL – Canadian Academic English Language Assessment 60 overall or more
PTE – Pearson Test of English 60 overall or more

English-speaking countries

No need to demonstrate English language proficiency

Anguilla Ghana Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Antigua and Barbuda Grenada Singapore
Australia Guyana Sierra Leone
Bahamas Ireland South Africa
Barbados Jamaica Tanzania
Belize Kenya Trinidad and Tobago
Bermuda Liberia Turks and Caicos Islands
Botswana Mauritius Uganda
British Virgin Islands Montserrat United Kingdom
Canada (except Quebec) New Zealand United States
Cayman Islands Nigeria United States Virgin Islands
Dominica Rwanda Zambia
Egypt Saint Lucia Zimbabwe
Gambia Saint Kitts and Nevis

Covid-19 situation

Due to the acutely situation, ISI is accepting the Duolingo English Test. A score of 110 or higher is required to meet our English language proficiency requirement. The test results are valid for two years from test date.

Registration Procedure

2. Provide the following documents

Academic transcripts (grades)


Personal information form (download)

Motivation letter

  • Program and semester ;
  • The reason you chose ISI and this program for your studies;
  • What studies did you complete? Precise the field, last level completed (High School, DEP, CEGEP, University, etc.);
  • Have you ever studied informatics before? If so, please explain why you want to continue studying informatics at our school;
  • If you never studied informatics and studied in another

CV (ONLY for IT Project Management)

Please email your academic record (last diplomas obtained and transcripts) at

In the object of the email, please write it is an admission demand and the program you chose.

3. Candidate’s file analyze for admission

The admission file analyze takes between 2 and 3 weeks. The decision will be email to the candidate, so check your email frequently.

4. Complete your admission

Email us:

Copy of birth certificate

Color copy of passport (picture and information pages)

Personal information form (joined in the admission email)

Pay the admission fees as instructed in the admission email.

5. Immigration process (CAQ and Study Permit)

Before enrolling in a Quebec (Canadian) institution, please take in consideration that the complete CAQ (Quebec acceptance Certificate) and Study Permit (student visa) process from beginning to end may stretch over a period of several months, depending of your country of origin. These delays must be taken in account when planning your studies at ISI.


To study in Canada (Quebec) you must obtain (or have a valid) a CAQ and a Study Permit.

6. Arrival in Montreal

You should be arriving before the beginning of the semester. You’ll receive an email with an invitation to our orientation day where you’ll receive: your schedule, student ID card, laptop and other material. You will also meet with the teachers and directors for a welcome speech.


As an international student, it may happens that, because of visa delays, you arrive after the beginning of the semester. No worries, you can start as late as 15 days after the beginning of classes.